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My sunprints begin life as 'photogenic drawings', a process that is almost as old as photography itself.  As invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1834, photogenic drawings are images captured using sunlight and light-sensitive paper, but no camera or lens.  This is a mode of production, rather than reproduction, but scanning the work and turning it into a digital image provides a means of reproduction.  At this stage, digital colour is also added.  These are hybrid images, made using a combination of ancient and modern techniques. 

They are available as high quality Giclee prints - single images or in series as suggested here.  They are printed using light-fast inks by specialist printers, on 300gsm archival paper, smooth or textured, with a thick white border for handling.  The surface of the finished print is an important element of the work but unfortunately, the computer screen cannot do justice to the texture and feel of them as sensual and delicate tactile objects.

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Erika J. Best
February 2019